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What is the Gurney Fund?

The Fund exists to provide support relating to education and development for the children of police officers, from subscribing forces, where a parent has died or retired on ill health grounds.

Objects Of The Fund

The Fund may help children not only of Police Officers who have died, but of those who have taken early retirement on ill-health grounds within the 22 subscribing Forces.

What Does Each Child Receive?

A weekly allowance, paid quarterly to the parent or guardian, which is reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees. Please note that for the annual review a parent/guardian will be requested to complete an application form; local force welfare representatives are involved in this process.

Adittional Assistance

Assistance with educational trips (excluding skiing), musical instruments and tuition, books, school uniform and driving lessons may also be considered. Weekly allowances cease at age 18, however, applications are invited from young people continuing in full time education and consideration given to awarding grants towards course fees and expenditure directly related to courses for example books, laptops and software.

Who Administers The Fund

The Fund is administered by a Board of Trustees who are nominated or elected by the Subscribing Forces. The Board comprises ten serving Police Officers (two from each rank) and two ex-officio officers. Meetings are held quarterly at least three times a year.

Who Supports The Fund?

Income is derived from regular subscriptions, donations from subscribing forces and members of the public, police collecting boxes, Gift Aid and Inland Revenue repayments. Further revenue is raised from the investment dividends.